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The town of Otepää in Valga county, southern Estonia, is the pride of the country. No wonder. The town and its surroundings represent the most beautiful and genuine Estonia. Changing landscapes, lakes, rivers, hills and valleys together make up the perfect surroundings for your leisure activities or holidays.

Otepää is easily reachable. First head to Tartu and from there 26 more kilometres (16 miles) to Otepää. From Tartu, the drive only takes a little over half an hour. If you come straight from Tallinn, estimate three to four hours for the trip. The roads are in good condition at all times of the year.

Otepää lives largely from tourism and sports. That's why the town has all the necessary amenities. There are ski rentals for both downhill and cross-country. Canoe and bike rentals. Indoor pools and gyms. Tennis and horseback riding. And a lot more.

On your next holiday, head for Otepää, the holidaymaker's paradise throughout the year.

We promise to make it memorable!

Tiina and Kimmo Linkama
Hostess and host of Villa Ottilia


In winter, Otepää becomes a glittering white pearl in the middle of south Estonia. No wonder, therefore, that Otepää is the country's official Winter Capital. It often sees the national ski teams of Estonia, Finland and Russia training on its shiny, snowy hills. Not to speak of the thousands of Estonian, Finnish, Swedish and other European leisure skiers.

Otepää, one of the most certain places for snow, has varying terrain, well lit and cared-for ski tracks and enchanting slopes for everybody who loves winter. Here you have a lot of space to enjoy nature, peace and the incredibly beautiful scenery.


In summertime, Otepää blooms. Its softly undulating hills and valleys are covered in a lush velvety green, reflected on the surface of its glittering blue, clean lakes. The scenery is breathtakingly magnificent.

The country's best walking and hiking routes are here. So are deep, clean lakes, all of which have a story of their own. Lake Pühajärve, one of Otepää's largest lakes, is close to Villa Ottilia, only about three kilometres (less than 2 miles) away. The shores of Lake Pühajärve are the place to spend your day doing absolutely nothing except enjoy the beauty of the sunny summer. What could be more relaxing than just lazing around, counting the cottonwool clouds travelling on the blue sky?

If you prefer more activity, jump on a bike and zoom away along the marked biking tracks in the vicinity. Or rent a canoe and make acquaintance with nature on the lakes and rivers. Or pack your rucksack and walk round Lake Pühajärve along the 12-kilometre (7.5-mile) signposted path. There is something to do for every day of your stay.