» Otepää - the holidaymaker's paradise
» The town of Otepää
» Pühajärve - the pride of Otepää

The town is small, just some 2,000 inhabitants, but the number multiplies every summer as holidaymakers start to flood in.

Considering its size, the town can offer surprisingly good services: banks, restaurants, cafés, night clubs and of course many grocery and other shops.

The heart of Otepää is Lipuväljak, in English the Flag Square. In its centre stands the stately Town Hall that proudly declares The Winter Capital on its façade.

Standing on the Lipuväljak you're less than a kilometre (about half a mile) from Villa Ottilia. As you can see, we are very close to the town centre, yet in our own peace in nature - one of the advantages of a small town.

Befitting its reputation as a sports town, Otepää has an excellent indoor pool and gym, as well as a sports centre where Estonian and other European top athletes have trained.

Tennis courts, good facilities for roller skaters and roller skiers, as well as canoe and bike rentals provide active holidaymakers with the necessary equipment to make their summer a success.

In winter, the town's number one sport is, of course, skiing. Cross-country skiers will find Otepää a real paradise. Close by there are also a couple of pleasant, albeit fairly small, slopes for downhill skiers.

Otepää's most remarkable sight is its breathtakingly beautiful scenery. In addition, there are some museums in town, such as the Ski Museum and the Museum of the Estonian Flag. One rather original sight is the Energy Column blessed by Dalai Lama that is said to give energy to anyone who hugs it. Try it and find out!